The Process

Arranging Your Robot Hire is Surprisingly Easy

Initial Enquiry

We'll Need 4 Pieces of Info

Yippee!! You've made contact with the dates, event type, location & what you will be doing with your robot hire. Smart move, by the way.

Planning Meeting

Skype, Phone, Or Email Conversation

We work with you to thoroughly plan the rental. Covering venue requirements, content, animation, robot capabilities & it's duties & prices. We're happy to guide you through the process, we've done this lots of times.

Quote & Contract

Ready, Steady...

Once this process is complete, we are ready to go full steam ahead into preparing for your rental.

Robot Preparation

The Creative Bit

It's this point, that scripts are written, TinMan operators & voice artists are recruited, robots are prepared and animated, venue and other suppliers are briefed and prepared on the robot's presence. These things are normally a collaboration, between us and the client.


Get Ready, Robot Inbound!

Once our engineers are happy the robot is in great shape, and thoroughly ready for the event. He is shipped to the venue.

The Rental

Robot Blows Minds

Our engineers receive the robot/s at the venue. Set up and test. Then the robot does what it was born (rented) to do. Our engineers will be on hand at venue to provide all required support. After the roaring success that was your event, our engineers pack the robot away when finished, and prepare for return transport.

Robot Rental UK - Melvin Mesmer Robot for Hire
Robot Rental- Humanoid Robot Hire, By Engineered Arts - Engineered Arts Logo, Black & BLue

Robot Rental is a division of Engineered Arts. We are world leaders in creating captivating humanoid robots. Our creations include RoboThespian & Mesmer realistic humanoid robots.  So, if a permanent installation is more suitable, we sell our robots too!

Robot Rental UK - RoboThespian, Robot for Hire