Exclusive to Robot Rental, introducing Mesmer, easily the most human realistic robot that you can rent or hire for your event. Furthermore, there great at drawing the attention of the press, captivating delegates, shaking hands & generally adding the wow factor to events. All our Mesmer robots are based on a 3Dscan of a real person, and like RoboThespian, they maintain eye contact with cameras built into their eyes. They can talk about almost any subject, can sing or even be operated remotely via TinMan. The ultimate robot telepresence software. Exclusive to Robot Rental, we’re the only place to come for Mesmer Hire

All Eyes on You

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Mesmer is the perfect prop for social media addicts to up their selfie game. Great for the selfie snapper of course, and an even better way of drawing more attention to a brand or attraction through social media. With a smart hashtag campaign, Mesmer robots easily recruit other people to market for you.

Mesmer is a modular robot system designed and developed by Engineered Arts for building lifelike humanoid robots. All the parts needed to breathe life into a character are bespoke to each creation and created from scratch in our factory in Cornwall, UK.


  • Hardware – Motors, Electronics and Connectors
  • Sensors – Cameras, Depth Sensors, LIDAR, Microphones
  • Firmware – Motor control for speed, position and torque
  • Software – For control of Animation, interaction, audio and lighting


Most importantly, we are the makers of all the Mesmer technology, so you can rest assured, you will be receiving the best possible support.

TinMan Telepresence Robot, Humanoid Robot Hire. Robot Rental by Engineered Arts

It’s like a video call, only you’re a Robot.

You can be a robot from anywhere in the world. A robot that captivates and inspires wherever it goes.  TinMan hands you real-time control of any RoboThespian or Mesmer. Using inbuilt cameras and microphones, you can control its gaze, enter a natural conversation, and trigger content on the fly. Automated features like maintaining eye contact keep interaction compelling and believable. Allowing you to concentrate on the fun stuff. Blowing peoples minds, for instance. TinMan offers unrivalled levels of engagement. Furthermore provides lasting positive memories about your business event/show etc. We can train anyone to effectively inhabit the robot in less than an hour. TinMan capability is included as standard, including robot operator PC and headset. We can source a TinMan operator (additional cost), or the renter themselves can do this.

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Robot Rental is a division of Engineered Arts. We are world leaders in creating captivating humanoid robots. Our creations include RoboThespian & Mesmer realistic humanoid robots.  So, if a permanent installation is more suitable, we sell our robots too!

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