Film Presenter & Actor

National Geographic

Presenter, RoboThespian, Theatrical Film
About This Project

RoboThespian is a great communicator. National Geographic wanted to create an IMAX film all about Robots. And when they needed a presenter there seemed to be only one option. RoboThespian voiced by Simon Pegg of course! Filming in IMAX 3D is expensive. For a start, you double the number of cameras. And because of that, the cost of everything else pretty much doubles too. So when the film crew came to shoot RoboThespian’s part in the film. It was very important that the hardware was reliable and 100% repeatable, to allow continuity over multiple takes. It was also important that the team around RoboThespian were able to liaise with and support the film crew.


RoboThespian’s LEDs in his face and body, are adjustable in brightness and colour, so could be finely tuned to suit the director’s vision.