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Introducing RoboThespian, the ultimate acting humanoid robot. A charismatic robot designed for human interaction in a public environment. The first and most iconic robot from Engineered Arts. Featuring an incredibly expressive range of movements and emotions, he is the perfect talking robot. The charming and elegant design is perfectly balanced and amazes wherever he travels. He is at home as an entertainer, salesman, an actor in a film or theatre even a keynote speaker. Just set him up and watch him go.  RoboThespian can be animated on the fly, or ahead of time. He can also be inhabited remotely, making him the ultimate telepresence device. Using Robot Rental for your RoboThespian hire, guarantees you the best support, most experience and latest tech.

Robot Rental UK - RoboThespian, Robot for Hire

All Eyes on You

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RoboThespian is the perfect prop for social media addicts to up their selfie game. Great for the selfie snapper of course, and an even better way of drawing more attention to a brand or attraction through social media. With a smart hashtag campaign, RoboThespian easily recruits other people to market for you.

It’s like a video call, only you’re a Robot.

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You can be a robot from anywhere in the world. A robot that captivates and inspires wherever it goes.  TinMan hands you real-time control of RoboThespian or Mesmer. Using inbuilt cameras and microphones, you can control its gaze, enter a natural conversation, and trigger content on the fly. Automated features like maintaining eye contact keep interaction compelling and believable. Allowing you to concentrate on the fun stuff. Blowing peoples minds, for instance. TinMan offers unrivalled levels of engagement. Furthermore provides lasting positive memories about your business event/show etc. The intuitive nature of the system, means anybody can be trained to effectively inhabit the robot in less than an hour. TinMan capability is included as standard, including robot operator PC and headset. A TinMan operator can be sourced by us (additional cost), or by the renter themselves.

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Onboard & External Audio

RoboThespian, is able to scale its audio power depending on the type of rental. It features an XLR line in and out and an on-board speaker in the chest. Unless in a very loud environment, face to face installations normally sound great with the on-board chest speaker only. However the line out allows the robot to be hooked up to any industry standard audio amplification or recording system. Great for stages with PA systems, or for recording TV and film.

Fully Loaded

A  RoboThespian Hire comes with a packed library of impressions, greetings, songs and gestures. On top of the standard library, your robot will include 5 minutes of content, made specifically for your rental. Talk about your brand, tell jokes, give a presentation, or just give your TinMan operator a quick break. This works well for a well rehearsed scenario like a talk, presentation, line in a movie etc. It’s also an effective way of keeping a robot animated and on message when your TinMan operator is on a break.

Box of Tricks

Compliant, Safe

Actuated by air-muscles, RoboThespian is naturally bouncy, and safe to be around people. He can eve safely shake hands with real humans. Making him the ideal robot for hire


RoboThespian has built in animatable LEDs that mean he can be any colour at any given time. Get the perfect blue to match your logo, or red cheeks when he embarrassed.

Quick Set Up

A combination of expert technicians and clever engineering, RoboThespian is quick set up. Meaning he can change locations multiple times in a day

Great Impression

When you hire RoboThespian, it comes packed full of film impressions, perfect for some lighthearted entertainment.


Although normally more suited to permanent, unsupervised installations, a rugged, heavy duty public facing touch screen is available as an option.


RoboThespian is a great singer, and has a bank of pre-installed performances. If you want a specific song, we can make that happen.

Rock Solid

RoboThespian has been under continual development for over 12 years, and has been battle tested in many environments. Trust us when we say, RoboThespian is reliable.

Net Connected

Great if your TinMan operator can't be at the event. It also means new content can be delivered remotely and instantly, even during your event.

Match Ready

Robots are serviced by the makers themselves, Engineered Arts. And nothing leaves our doors until the team are happy you're getting the robot in the best possible condition.

Face Recognition

With sensors, RoboThespian can track faces, and automatically engage people with eye contact. Something we need to engage with our human counterparts

Flexible Gender

RoboThespian is pretty androgynous. However people like to assign a gender to things, so we can provide a choice of male or female face shells.

Great on Camera

RoboThespian is great on set. His lighting & animation can be tweaked swiftly & accurately. He never fluffs his lines, and can go all day without any union breaks

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Robot Rental is a division of Engineered Arts. We are world leaders in creating captivating humanoid robotics. Our creations include RoboThespian, SociBot, & Mesmer technology.

If a permanent installation is more suitable, we can sell robots too!

Robot Rental UK - RoboThespian, Robot for Hire